Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Photo A Day: Week Eight

Day 049: Colorful toes and colorful beach towels.

Day 050: More lilikoi drinks with my favorite mama and her favorite spot.

Day 051: A few photos from a day of driving around the island, eating, and watching surfers at Pipeline.

Day 052: Messy beach hair for my last day on the island. I had such a great time being home.

Day 053: Thursday I got back in Seattle, which I adore even when it's cloudy.

Day 054: It's crazy to me how much colorful workout clothes can motivate me to get to the gym.

Day 055: Snagged this sweet mug from my favorite spot, Target clearance, which was perfect timing because I've been chugging tea trying to fight off a cold for days now.


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