Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Daily Photo: Weeks Seventeen & Eighteen

This past week was a tough one. I was so sick and functioning like a normal person was really rough. But, I'm finally almost back to full health. Anyway, that being said here's a two week edition of daily photo since my jumbled mind didn't post last week :)

Day 117: Sometimes Sundays truly need to be recovery days, especially when you feel like you've been running around non stop (which I often do).

Day 118: A new yoga mat! I live a lot closer to the gym in my new place so I am working on doing better about not just doing my normal routine, but utilizing all of the amenities they have including free classes.

Day 119: Thank God for PCC. This vegan diet is tough, but especially when I'm busy (or sick) and don't take the time to really plan out my meals. I've been finding myself swinging into PCC pretty often to snag some of their delicious vegan options.

Day 120: A bowling outing with work! I'll be honest, I kind of crushed it. ;)

Day 121: About half of my nail polish collection. I don't paint my nails that often, but somehow I have accumulated many colors. Maybe I don't paint them often because it takes me too long to pick a color!

Day 122: Isn't this flask awesome!? Found at a map store downtown.

Day 123: Sounders! Travis and I bought half season match passes for the Sounders and went to our first game together last weekend. Sadly they lost, but we had fun nonetheless.

Day 124: Now it's officially spring and it's starting to show more and more.

Day 125: Some days I really just stay holed up in my office for what seems like a never ending amount of time. I guess I'm starting to collect things and go into hibernation mode.

Day 126: Bread and wine is really all I need sometimes. Maybe it's time to look into a trip to Italy soon ;)

Day 127: And some days I sit on my floor and plan blog posts for what seems like a never ending amount of time.

Day 128: Spring in Seattle means flowers, but definitely doesn't mean a lack of grey skies.

Day 129: My mom came into town for a few days! We headed up to Woodinville on Friday for soem wine tasting and dinner. If you're in Washington and haven't gone out to Woodinville, put it on your to do list right away! Especially if you're a wine and food fan.

Day 130: Another thing we did while my mom was in town was go to a hockey game, which is something she's always wanted to do. I've never been to a hockey game either but I am a fan of pretty much any sport, and this was a lot of fun.


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