Thursday, March 12, 2015

A Very Northwest Weekend

The weather the past few weeks has been amazing. You would think it was at least May here in Seattle. This past weekend I took full advantage of the fact that it has been sunny and that I live in the PNW thankfully, because the rain has started up again.

Saturday was spent hiking at Twin Falls in North Bend, WA which is about a 30 minute drive out of Seattle. It was a pretty tame hike, not too steep and about 3 miles. I would definitely recommend for anyone. I haven't been hiking much lately so I'm trying to work my difficulty level back up!
This photo by Paige.

Sunday was spent lounging around at Shady Lake all day. Travis and I were lucky enough to get invited out to a friends' place right on the lake. There are tons of little lakes around Washington and the unknown ones are truly the best.
The only part of the weekend that wasn't amazing (for me, I'm sure the guys would say it was the best part) was the fact that our friends parents have tons and tons of amazing cheeses, none of which I could eat.

I also had the realization that I may have to start sharing my camera time with this guy, he apparently is an aspiring photographer. News to me! ;)


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