Monday, March 9, 2015

Daily Photo: Week Sixteen

Day 110: Alisha working hard at hairstyles. I had a lot of fun on Sunday doing a photo shoot for her at Haven Salon while she made the girls' hair looking amazing. More to share on this later.

Day 111: Speaking of Alisha, in return for the photo shoot she dyed my hair. So, bye bye blonde and helloooo red!

Day 112: Remember when I said I was obsessed with Amy's gold accents through her house (here), especially her bar cart? Well, she's a great friend and gave me this print her sister made. I'm really loving this corner of my apartment.

Day 113: This makes me laugh probably way more than it should, but the grill marks on my squash made a silly happy face and it amused me to no end.

Day 114: Have I mentioned that Travis is the best? He left flowers on my doorstep, again! Feeling pretty lucky lately.

Day 115: Here's a panorama snapshot of the way my apartment has been coming together. Planning a post soon to show off some details.

Day 116: The weather has been ridiculous for March in the PNW. I actually got slightly sunburnt this weekend if you can believe it. I went on a hike Saturday that was amazing, and I'll have more photos to share of that soon too.


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