Monday, February 23, 2015

Daily Photo: Week Fourteen

Day 096: Travis and I went down to Pike Place Market on Sunday for brunch and he was all 'I like the way things are spread across the table right now', so I took a picture of it.

Day 097: I worked on Monday therefore completely forgot it was a holiday and drove downtown to the post office before it hit me that it was closed. BUT there were daffodils outside, which are my favorite flower. Expect to see lots o' photos of these in the next couple of months.

Day 098: Green and grey things.

Day 099: Every year for lent I give something up and this year I have decided to go vegan, which you'll hear more about and see recipes for soon! Wednesday was my first day so I made some veggie pasta while I watched Supernatural, my current obsession. 

Day 100: I babysat for my friend Amy on Thursday and I really love the accents she has around her house, especially this gold bar cart. She knows I love it because I kept talking about it but she doesn't know I snapped a photo of it, so Amy if you see this sorry I'm a creepy friend and took a photo of your bar cart! :)

Day 101: I found this funny little guy on street while I was walking to get coffee.

Day 102: Saturday was my moving day! I now live in a studio on my own and Saturday was spent moving things and unpacking. Here are some things coming together. I know it makes more sense to unpack all your boxes before decorating but if I don't do a little of both I get exhausted, and it doesn't really feel like home without a few things on the walls.


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