Monday, February 2, 2015

Daily Photo: Week Eleven

Day 073: Last Sunday I went up north for a class my church was holding and on my way back the sunset was awesome, and the price of gas was even better.

Day 074: I've been pretty busy lately so I was happy to have a night home on Monday and actually cook myself a full meal.

Day 075: I did some succulent browsing to snag something that would brighten up my new desk.

Day 076: I went to a conference downtown Wednesday morning downtown by the pier. I never really go to this part of Seattle but there are some interesting things, like this building for one.

Day 078: Seattle skies are back to being cloudy and grey.

Day 079: Uptown Espresso is right down the street from my new office and they're already making bank off of me! I need to fuel up on coffee for the stress of trying to teach myself how to use InDesign.

Day 080: Saturday was a super productive day for me, including doing some laundry that desperately needed to be done. The laundry room in our apartment building creeps me out. It's in the basement and I've gone down there after watching too many creepy/supernatural shows and almost given myself a heart attack.


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