Friday, October 24, 2014

8: Denver & Boulder, CO

This is the second time I have been to Colorado but the first time spending any time in Denver. One of my good friends attends grad school in Boulder and I visited him once last year (you can read about that visit, here!) I had a blast the last time I was there so I was pretty excited to get to spend more time there, including a quick trip into Denver.

I have to say, I was swooning over things like a school girl while in Colorado. I have a big ol' city crush on Denver and the fall colors there leave you complete awe.

Caught in the Instagram act!

People in Boulder are really big on brunch. Therefore my main recommendations are both brunch spots.

Zeal: Amaaaaazing. I had a juice flight - amazing. Coffee - amazing. Frittata - amazing. Atmosphere - amazing.

Snooze: I honestly don't know which place I prefer but Snooze is also, for lack of another word, amazing. (Maybe I should look into a thesaurus, but an accurate adjective nonetheless.) They have multiple locations, and you should go to all of them.

Goldmine Vintage: Not for brunch, but great for treasures. The last time I was in Boulder I snagged some awesome things from here. This time I picked up a Golden State Warriors hat and a nifty ring.

Colorado, I'm liking you more and more.


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