Monday, October 27, 2014

9: Salt Lake City, UT

This is the only photo I have to share of Salt Lake City and I think it's the only one needed. I was only there for a night but I got really lucky having my hotel right next to Temple Square and City Creek. It was beautiful.

Everyone in Salt Lake was extremely nice, from the receptionist at the hotel to the random people sitting at the bar next to me during Monday Night Football. Speaking of which I went to two bars, Whiskey Street and The Beerhive Pub and was impressed by both. Whiskey Street has a ton of well, whiskey. From the looks of it the food is probably great too but I didn't have any. The Beerhive Pub has a strip of ice on the bar to keep your drinks cold, so cool! (Bad pun intended).

I was surprised at how interesting I found the city. This is another spot I would have liked to explore more and definitely plan on heading back to eventually.


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