Thursday, February 9, 2012

North Shore Collection

Lately I have been feeling a bit home sick. This always tends to happen when I get really stressed out. I just miss the comfort of having family nearby, the wonderful food that Hawaii has, and the sand beneath my feet. My favorite place in the whole world (that I have explored so far) is...

The North Shore of my beautiful home island of Oahu. It is a really laid back area with amazing beaches and some of the best food around. I have a ton of pictures from going there so many times over the years; so I dug through my library and put together a collection of some of my favorites.

A day at Pipeline with 25+ foot waves.

My best friend at Aoki's shave ice. A lot of people go to Matsumoto's because it is known as the "first shave ice" spot, but I like Aoki's better. Plus it's right next door and there's always a shorter line!

The last three pictures are all taken at Waialua Bakery. Their sandwiches are great and their smoothies are even better!

My other best friend flipping of of the rock at Waimea Bay. As I am sure you can tell from the way she is positioned in this photo she took a pretty mean belly flop on this one. It knocked the wind out of her and everyone on the beach gasped as she hit the water.

My wonderful mother at my favorite spot to eat on the North Shore, Grass Skirt Grill. They have the BEST fish burgers and regular burgers, so I've heard. I tend to avoid red meat so I've never had one.

My surf bum father!

Of course I could not leave out my favorite little guy. He was trying to catch some fish with his handy dandy net.

If you ever travel to Oahu, make sure you visit the North Shore. It's such an amazing area and I miss it everyday.


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