Monday, April 13, 2015

Daily Photo: Week Twenty One

Day 146: Easter, the aftermath.

Day 147: I'm not usually a post gym photos type but I've been going so often it's become a pretty big chunk of my life so I figured why not. Not that you would believe me since the weights in this photo are only 10 lbs, but I'm getting stronger I swear!

Day 148: Big cups of coffee at work this week. Also, one of the companies we work with has this new logo and I love the bright green color. I told them I loved it and they sent me a whole stack of notepads and pens!

Day 149: Every Wednesday I have to go downtown to the post office for work and I realized, why don't I take more pictures while I'm down here? I only had my iPhone with me this time, but I'm going to start making sure my camera is with me. It's also fitting to show of Safeco since baseball season started up again this week.

Day 150: On Thursday Travis and I had dinner with his family before seeing our friends' band play. We had time to kill between the two and grabbed a drink at this bar I've been wanting to try for awhile, The Maple Bar! I made the official declaration that this is going to be a new regular spot.

Day 151: Inevitably the gloomy weather returned and I was needing some comfort food for the end of the work week.

Day 152: Saturday I had a total mental health day, which included an unfortunately unsuccessful attempt at getting a new power source for my record player.


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