Monday, March 2, 2015

Daily Photo: Week Fifteen

Day 103: More city photos and slightly sunshiney days.

Day 104: I had to do some crazy running around downtown for work and since I was right by the Starbucks headquarters I definitely needed to swing in. I also got a little heart drawn on my coffee, which made me laugh and not so upset about the madness that was downtown.

Day 105: As I mentioned last week daffodils are my favorite flower, and because Travis is basically the best this was what my doorstep looked like when I got home on Tuesday. :)

Day 106: Target dollar corner strikes again! I'm working on adding in gold accents through out my apartment right now, and I'm loving the look so far.

Day 107: The vegan life is rough, but I'm sticking to it well! I made grilled squash and sweet potatoes, which are things I don't generally cook with.

Day 108: Current reads. (I think I'll try to do a photo along these lines whenever I start a new book)

Day 109: My wonderful bed with a hazy half sleep filter, because that's pretty much how I felt all day Saturday.


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