Monday, January 26, 2015

Photo A Day: Weeks Nine & Ten

The past couple of weeks have been a busy blur of running around looking for a new job and apartment, finding a new job, and starting the new job. I'm really excited about the way things are going right now! But it has been a bit crazy and I'm glad that I'm starting to get back into the rhythm of a schedule.

Day 056: I'm not sure if you guys have heard but the Seahawks are crushing it, which means I had a bunch of 12th mini men in my Sunday class.

Day 057: A colorful workplace always boosts my motivation!

Day 058: Getting up early to go to interviews or the gym hasn't been so bad lately because the skies have been beautiful and clear.

Day 059: I actually spent a lot of time inside sending emails and working on upcoming posts. I love having fun little gadgets, like my bright pink mouse up there or this Darth Vader USB drive.

Day 060: Coffee, coffee, coffee for ever.

Day 061: I've never really celebrated Valentine's Day as a big deal, but I love the season for all of the adorable things sold. I'll let you all in on a secret - Valentine's Day themed things make great gifts for friends, not just significant others! This was from the Valentines section of Target, for a friend that just had a baby.

Day 066: It's still fairly cold but clear skies help a bunch.

Day 067: I spent a lot of time in my car these few days, so there wasn't much to photograph. More blue skies through icy windows.

Day 068: I started a new job and I'm so excited about it! It's in West Seattle near the Bartell's building which waves this humongous 12th man flag.

Day 069: I forgot my camera for most of Wednesday and Thursday so unfortunately iPhone photos will have to suffice. Wednesday was date night at probably the best sushi spot I have been to in Seattle. I wish I had taken another shot not squared but this is all I got.

Day 070: Travis had to get one of his wisdom teeth taken out so Thursday morning was spent in the dentist waiting room, and the rest of the day was spent watching Netflix and making him mashed potatoes.

Day 071: Friday night I went over to a friends for some wine & Oreos, which is the best way to end a week in my opinion. Here is a shot showing some of her cute apartment and her perched cat.

Day 072: And this. I could give you a long backstory of this photo but really, you should just enjoy how hilariously awesome it is.


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