Saturday, December 6, 2014

Daily Photo: Week Three

Day 015: Socks, socks, more socks.

Day 016: One of the other volunteers at Eastlake Community Church and some of the awesome kids we get to work with on Sundays.

Day 017: Monday was my day off and I cleaned! I cleaned my room a ton while I watched Wayne's World.

Day 018: It's definitely hard to motivate myself to go to the gym sometimes in the mornings but downtown morning drives make it sound a bit more appealing.

Day 019: I'm really into breakfast salads right now. Spinach, avocado, and a boiled egg tossed with some olive oil and garlic salt.

Day 020: Thursday was my birthday! Here's some special birthday mail from my mama. Spoiler: It was a Frozen card.

Day 021: I went out for coffee with a friend and his little munchkin. I keep giggling at the look he's giving me in this photo!


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