Wednesday, October 29, 2014

10: Boise, ID to Seattle, WA

I'm not sure exactly where the Pacific Northwest line is drawn but being in Boise was at least closing in on it, so I'm going to just wrap the last couple of days of my trip into one! I spent one night in Boise and one night in Pullman/Moscow. I have heard only good things about Boise and it definitely held up. While there I stayed with my mom's best friend and her parents that I've known forever, well my whole life, and we drove around in her sweet ride, a '64 Galaxie. While in Moscow/Pullman I hung out with my brother's old roommate and had dinner with my old roommate's parents. Roommate connections all around!

I also fell in love with a cafe in Boise, The District Coffee House, and absolutely recommend going there. They had great coffee and a great atmosphere.

And just a few extra photos from my drive back across to Seattle.


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