Monday, October 13, 2014

5: San Diego, CA

San Diego was a blast to say the least. My brother and some of my friends met up with me to spend a long weekend in the area and the timing just so happened to align with my mom and step dad being in the area so we got to see them too. I'm a lucky gal!
My favorite thing about this time was going to the beach. We went to Pacific Beach on Saturday and even though the water was a bit cold it was so wonderful to be able to actually swim in the ocean. That is definitely something I miss a lot from growing up in Hawaii. We also went to the beach to watch the sunset in Coronado on Monday which was beautiful. We spent a lot of time eating, having drinks, and just lounging around. It was awesome.

My favorite spots:
Leroy's Kitchen & Lounge: This is the spot we went for lunch and drinks in Coronado. The food was delicious but the drinks were even more impressive. I'm not particularly a fan of Blood Marys but the one they have is made with bacon vodka and comes with a strip of candied bacon, if you're into that kind of thing. We tried a few different drinks and my favorite one was the Blueberry and Lavender Lemon Drop, it was amazing.

Seaside Papery: I think we all fell in love with this Coronado shop. I found that oh so perfect phone case there, along with a lot of other handmade and unique items. We spent about 10 minutes just cracking up about all the different cards they have.

Burger Lounge: I'm sure there are multiple locations but we went to the one in the Gas Lamp District, which is a fun area with a lot of restaurants. The fries were amazing as was the lavender lemonade.

You stay classy (sorry, had to.)


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