Friday, August 22, 2014

Summer Snapshots

This summer has been busy in the most enjoyable way I could imagine! I have had a great time hanging out with friends and going on adventures both in and out of Seattle. I've also been trying to be better about working on my photography since I got a new camera a few months ago because I kind of fell out of it for awhile there. Here are some of my favorite photos and memories from my summer thus far.

 One cool thing I've been able to do is spend time taking photos of my friends the Po' Brothers. I have had fun snapping photos of them out in Seattle, at shows, and even in the studio while they've been working on their newest album. It's been a great time hanging out with them and one thing that has pushed me to get back on track with photography.

My mom and I spent the day at Chihuly Garden and Glass, which I didn't even know Seattle had. It was beautiful.

I got the pleasure of celebrating this wonderful little gem into the world. Jamison Tucker, I can't wait to see you grow up!

Lakes, fires, sports, and all of the other things that make summer in Seattle its own. 

Traveling around the east coast, over to the Olympic Penninsula, and down to Portland. 

Great music including Chvrches and a weekend of Capitol Hill Block Party. Block Party weekend was definitely one for the books filled with big names as well as some impressive local ones. 

Lots of laughs and silly friends.

And as always, my trusty side kick.

I can't wait for what the rest of summer and fall will bring. Xo

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