Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Ballard Coffe Works

My computer has broken... Again. So updating is a little bit tricky because I hate doing this on my phone. It also means probably iPhone photos only since I have nothing to upload the pictures from my camera too. Anyway, this will be a quick review! This past Saturday I was in Ballard with my friend Asa and we went to Coffee Works. I was feeling pretty sick so I did not get any food and could only get through about half my coffee even though it was delicious. I got a Vanilla Americano, or rather Asa got it for me because I didn't have my wallet and he is the best! The sandwiches looked so amazing, I want to go back and have one in the near future. The set up was really nice and open. They had a section with toys for kids that I could not take my eyes off of because there was this lady there with twins. Her kids were adorable and she was just one of those people that you can tell is a great mom. She made her kids share and with the other kids and calmly talked them down from crying when they started to get upset. I hope I am as good at being a mother as that woman when the time comes!

I do not really feel like I can give this place a fair review so I will probably do an update when I get a chance to go back but from what I could tell it seems like a place I would frequent.


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