Monday, March 4, 2013

Greenwood Reviews

This past weekend I tried a few new things that I am excited to share (along with quite a few photos!). So first, let's focus on Saturday.
Saturday I went to Greenwood with my friend Hannah for coffee and lunch. We tried this place called Neptune Coffee that I read an article about. I really loved the set up of it. There were church pews lining the walls and a bunch of little tables plus a super awesome red couch that we sat on while we waited. I got a mocha and it was delicious! I love Starbucks but the number one thing I like about going to other coffee spots is that the mochas taste like real chocolate, not just a package or syrup mix.

 After coffee we decided to get lunch somewhere else so we just wandered down the street for a bit. We ended up picking a place called The Grape and Olive and boy, am I glad we did. It was so good! We definitely ate too much. The restaurant lay out was beautiful, the walls were covered with paintings and there was a big open wine bar. The waitress was incredibly nice and friendly, which just topped off the whole experience. We got some garlic fries and I ordered a chicken kebab.
I would definitely recommend spending some time in Greenwood if you live in the area. There are a handful of restaurants and little shops within a few blocks of each other. I have not tried out any of the other places but trust me, The Grape and Olive is reason enough to go!

But, most importantly it was warm so I got to wear my new sandals that I bought on a complete whim without trying on and happen to absolutely love.


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