Sunday, February 17, 2013

Review: ViaVita Café and Wine Bar

This week's review is not exactly somewhere new, but totally on accident. My good friend Mackenzie leaves next week to go teach in Korea for a year (I am so excited for her!) and she was up in the area this weekend with some friends so I met up with them this morning. We met in Bellevue at ViaVita Café and Wine Bar. I did not realize until I got there that I had been before. But, the last time  I went was probably about two years ago when it was pretty new and I went for dinner so it was still a new experience.

First off, the set up of the restaurant is really pretty. They advertise this parking garage "around back" for customers to park in, but neither of us could figure out where it was and both ended up parking across the street. I guess we are not the only ones to run into the problem because people on Yelp commented about it as well. I ordered a latte and a turkey and spinach crepe. The girls I was with ordered a breakfast croissant, bacon and eggs, a panini, a mocha, and americanos. Everyone agreed that what they ordered was delicious. That being said, it took so long. There was only really one waitress working but it was not incredibly busy. We ordered within 10 minutes of being there and it still took an hour and a half for us to get our food, eat, and pay. The waitress was nice but barely came to our table, we even took our check up to her. Also, since we discussed it it is worth mentioning that all of our coffee cups were chipped. Do not worry, there were no injuries! But it seems like if you have that many chipped cups it is about time to get a new set, especially if you are a nice establishment.

So, final review (based off my new rating system that we came up with during breakfast!):
Atmosphere: ☀☀☀☀
Coffee:     ☀☀☀☀
Food:       ☀☀☀☀☀
Service:    ☀☀

(*All out of 5.)