Sunday, February 10, 2013

Super Bowl '13

I am extremely overdue for a marketing post. My favorite post I have done since having this blog, or any blog for that matter, was my Super Bowl '12 post and it DISAPPEARED. Seriously, I have no idea how or why it happened but one day I was going through old posts and the title is there but all of the text is gone. I won't lie, I almost cried. Obviously I have an opinion about every ad but here are a few of my favorite and least favorite commercials from the Super Bowl.

It is possible that I am a tad biased since I love Doritos so much and would eat them all day everyday if I could but I think they kill it every year with their ads. All of their commercials have the same general theme, people cannot resist Doritos. It is simple, true, easy to work with, and genius in my opinion. Plus they do a great job being hilarious while conveying the message. I thought both of their commercials were great this year, there was the Goat For Sale and the Fashionista. I had a hard time deciding but I came to the conclusion that the Goat For Sale was my favorite. I thought it was original and clever how they tied it together with the seller in the beginning in the neck brace and the goat about to break out in some rage at the end.

Everyone saw this one coming, what is wrong with GoDaddy? They had two commercials as well and one of them, Big Idea, finally gave people some normal perspective and a good reason to use their service. But, this was totally overshadowed by the horrid Perfect Match commercial. I almost did not want to include it because of how uncomfortable it is. No one in their right mind wants to watch any two people make out that closely, for that long, and that loudly.  If you did not see Big Idea or if you turn the channel whenever you sense GoDaddy, first of all I do not blame you but it was actually a decent commercial. It featured a bunch of couples talking where the wife was telling the husband to get his idea online and the husband was convinced no one else would take it, ending with only one rich guy that actually took action. It explained their service a bit and why someone should care about GoDaddy. I am hoping that all the negative feedback about Perfect Match will get them to move in more in this direction.

Honestly, I have not thought about BlackBerry in awhile but this was a great ad. It got people's attention with the cool effects and it had a short a clever message to it, "In 30 seconds, it's quicker to show you what it can't do". Well played, BlackBerry. Well played.

I really do not have much to say about this commercial because I still do not know what is going on. The beer looks great, his voice and rendition of this song sounds great, but I can not get past why on earth there is a black goldfish that seems to be serenading a beer. Here is a marketing tip, while you do want your ad to stand out and yes marketing has gotten stranger over time but do not just put random things in your ads because you are trying to stand out. If there is no point to it you will confuse people, not intrigue them.

This post is getting a bit long but I do just want to give some props to Subway for keeping an ad theme for this long. Can you believe it has been 15 years since they brought Jared on? I remember when the cut outs of him holding those huge pants first got put into Subways everywhere.

One final feature because I really liked this one and I love a nerd who finds some courage. Plus, look at that car.


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