Monday, February 11, 2013

Cloud City Coffee

I love exploring the city and I have a new goal to try as many different coffee shops. We shall see how this holds up but I am thinking I will do a little review of different shops I try, and food spots when I have someone to go with me. Not sure why I love getting coffee by myself but I hate eating meals out alone. 

This past Saturday I went to a coffee shop we drove by recently called Cloud City Coffee. It's on the corner of 88th and Roosevelt, just between Northgate and the U-District. They have a menu of sandwiches and soups and a case of pastries and quiches. I got a nutella croissant that was absolutely delicious but I definitely want to go back for a sandwich sometime. The have something they call a "Drip Coffee Honor Bar" that features 4 coffees a day and you just pay $1 and fill your cup up with out having to wait. I got a mocha and it was pretty good. It tasted different than normal, but in a way I liked. Not as sweet but more coffee and actual chocolate taste. It had a really cute indoor and outdoor set up. It was too cold to sit outside but it will definitely be a spot I visit when the sun's out. Inside were long tables and a couple couches. It had a comfortable feeling and the workers were all really friendly. Overall, pretty good coffee and really great atmosphere.

Plus, I finally finished The Lovely Bones!


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