Sunday, February 3, 2013

Roommate Saturday

Yesterday my roommate, Paige, and I agreed that we are both absolutely exhausted. We work at the same place and it's our busy season right now which means a little bit of chaos and quite a bit of overtime. Since pretty much all we get to do on the weekdays is go to work and then come home to make dinner and sleep on the weekends we sort of go crazy. For the past couple months we've gone out and done something Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday of every weekend. We realized that while fun, we are really wearing ourselves down so we made a pact to finally have a relaxing weekend and get ourselves in order; with the exception of the crazy that will be me during the game today.  We woke up yesterday (with no alarms involved!), exercised, and cleaned our apartment. We finally took down our Christmas tree. If you think we are crazy for having it up this late, you are probably right but we couldn't care less. We already miss it. (We may have broken the vacuum cleaner with the amount of pine needles on the floor.) So, we decided to get dressed up and spend the afternoon just walking around the mall and getting some decorations for our finally clean apartment!

While yes, this all counts as doing something it was a really great day of just hanging out together and taking our time to do whatever we wanted. We made absolutely no plans and had no one else involved. We had planned to have a little photoshoot while we were out but not putting a time limit on ourselves meant we were walking around stores for almost 4 hours and it was dark by the time we were walking home. So, we had one at home! Here is my collection of our photoshoot and some fun things we bought for our apartment:

The mantel above or fireplace has featured the tie and Johnny for quite some time, but for the past few months they were accompanied by some Christmas decorations. Yesterday when we took them down we really needed something to add to it. A simple DIY project seemed like the perfect fit.

Clothes pins spray painted silver, then with glitter. And the cap we literally had to crack apart because we do not have the right screw driver to do it the easy way. (Seriously, who decided you needed tools to open spray paint!?)

This beautiful string we found at Jo-Ann's.

Photos! We decided to do 6 of just the two of us and 6 of us with friends

This awesome wire peacock feather we found at Ross for... $8.99! I love the way it looks above our couch. This was toward the end of the night as we were winding down into our designated sides of the couch to watch some Harry Potter.

And for the photoshoot!

New shoes we both got amazing deals on at Nordstrom Rack. I love my new flats so much! They are Borns, so comfortable and the little cut outs are hearts. Paige has had her eye on those Minnetonkas for a couple years but they were always so expensive, but she found the exact pair she wanted at the Rack for less than half the price!

To round out the night we had homemade alfredo, our favorite dinner to make.

It was such a great Saturday, and definitely relaxing. I have finally caught the bug that has been going around though so I am not talking for the next few hours in hopes that I will have some voice to yell at the TV while the 49ers finish their Quest for Six! I have one more picture to leave you with that I saved for the end because it's my absolute favorite, and it happened on accident! We were supposed to making faces at each other but ended up laughing. Typical.

Happy weekend everyone!


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