Thursday, April 5, 2012

My life and marketing

Good news, I have a camera charger again! Bad news is I could not find mine so I had to buy another one, but either way I have my baby back so I can start posting more.
I have talked a lot about my life and marketing news but I do not think I have actually talked about marketing in my life! For those of you that do not know I am in my last quarter (cue panic attack) of college majoring in marketing and minoring in communication. This quarter I have 2 internships on top of school, one is through my major so I get credit for it and the other I got on my own and started back in February. The internship that I am doing outside of school is for a company called Lulu's Essential and it's based out of Ferndale, which is about 15 minutes north of Bellingham. My boss makes gluten-free granola, you can check out the website here if you want to read about her story and the product. But the awesome thing is that we're changing the website in the next few weeks and I am hopefully going to be running a blog within the site! I am really excited to be working on it especially because on Tuesday I got to take a bunch of photos that will be up on the new site. We spent almost 3 hours playing around with the set up and lighting, it turned into kind of a mad house with the way we were moving things around and messing with the lighting (we did not have official lighting so we were using all the lamps in the office). I want to show off all the photos but I am going to hold out until we have picked the ones we are using for the site.
I also have a few really awesome projects I am doing this quarter that I'm excited for. In two of my classes we have to come up with a complete marketing plan and my groups have chosen to do Nikon Cool Pix and Burger King. We haven't gotten into either of them too much but just from writing our project proposals I think they are both going to be pretty fun, but definitely a lot of work.
Anyway, stay tuned for details about all of the things I'm working on and hopefully you will be able to check out my blogging on another website as well! For now here is a bit of photography from before and after my charger went missing-

The first photo I took with my 50 mm, when there was still snow on the ground.


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