Monday, March 26, 2012

Clever Advertising

I love when companies actually pull of being creative. A lot of "original" approaches to advertising just end up being weird and leaving us confused so it is nice when a company delivers on a clever and creative plan. I've heard of a few that I thought was clever this week.

First up is Monteith. Here you can find a short article that I stumbled on about their plan. Basically, they hired BBDO and they decided to take advantage of the fact that people freak out when they find something strange in their food. Thankfully they were not putting any fingers in chili but they did put some twigs in boxes of cider. This got buzz around their product and the company apologized stating that when you have fruit that comes from a tree rather than a can, this kind of stuff can happen.

For the next story I have I should disclaim that I am a huge fan of "The Hunger Games". Honestly, huge is a total understatement. I finished the last book a week ago and was way too excited all week to go see the movie. So, when Lions Gate released an interactive website called The Capitol Tour you can only imagine my reaction (something along the lines of a 12 year old waiting for the new Justin Bieber album). You can register as a citizen of Panem (my citizen number is PND540.94J01N, if you were wondering), explore the capitol, and I hear there are a lot of hidden features that I ca not wait to find. Taking this to the next level on the marketing side of things they partnered up with Microsoft to use the site as a way to promote Internet Explorer 9. You can view the site in all browsers but there's this pesky little ad in the corner saying that you aren't able to get the full experience unless you're using Internet Explorer 9. While it is frustrating because all I want to do is spend way too long exploring the capitol, it's a great move on Microsoft's part. Especially since the movie made $153 million this past weekend just in the US and Canada!

Keeping up with the movie industry, Sony is using a clever design for the DVD release of "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo". I have not read these books or seen the movie but I hear that the heroine of the story is a really skilled hacker. Knowing that, it makes perfect sense that Sony decided to make the disc look like a pirated DVD. Here's the article that I found about it and where I got this photo of what the disc looks like:


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