Tuesday, September 30, 2014

2: San Francisco, CA

San Francisco is definitely tied with Seattle as my favorite city. (Shhhh, don't tell either of them!
I have family that lives in the bay area and San Francisco had my heart from a young age but this trip was a particularly great one for me. Not only is it part of this grand road trip but this is the most amount of time that I have had to really enjoy the city, at least since I have been old enough to truly appreciate all of its qualities. I also met up with a bunch of my family that I haven't seen in about a year, including my youngest brother who is the coolest kid around. I swear I'm not biased.

While here we stayed at my Uncle's house in San Leandro. I got into the area a day before the rest of my family so I caught the BART into Embacadero and spent the entire day walking approximately 12 miles through the city. Once my family got into town we explored more of the city together, went to a Giants game, and most importantly went to the 49ers game where the won! My Dad and Uncle also got an engraved brick added to the walk at the new stadium that we got to stop by. We are all huge 49er fans and sharing that experience together was an absolute blast. 

My favorite spots:
Wipe Out Bar & Grill: This is a spot on Pier 39 of Fisherman's Wharf which is the pier with the main shops. They have a sit down restaurant as well as a take out window. Their fish tacos are wonderful.

Levi's Stadium: Okay, I know this is technically Santa Clara and not everyone loves the Niners but the stadium is beautiful! The museum has some impressive things on display and interactive exhibits. We also grabbed drinks and appetizers at the Michael Mina's Tailgate that was delicious but honestly not half as impressive as the service we received from their employees.

Haight Ashbury: This strip of shops is so much fun to walk through even if you don't plan on buying anything. They have quirky stores with all types of unique clothes, antiques, trinkets, and costumes. My favorite store we went in was Loved To Death. They have victorian and taxidermy themed items!

No 9 Fishermen's Groto: Being around Fisherman's Wharf makes me want seafood like none other, and I'm a huge fan of seafood all the time. Seafood is always a bit pricey, so obviously keep that in mind though this spot is fairly reasonable. I'm almost drooling just thinking about the bread, chowder, and crab we had.

Boudin Bakery: Speaking of bread, this is my number one you must go here and please bring me back something recommendation. Their bread is uh-maze-ing. I only really ever eat the sourdough, but I would imagine everything is just as good. They also make designed loaves and they have a different one for each month.

San Francisco, you're a dream. I will absolutely be back again. Hopefully sooner rather than later, and hopefully for even longer next time.


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