Saturday, July 27, 2013


I got to go home for a week and a half and it was great. I love living in Washington but I definitely miss my family and the paradise that I got to grow up in. Here is a recap of my trip in some of my favorite photos!
One of the best things about being back with my mom is that I always have someone to join me for coffee!

The food... Oh, the food.

The house we stayed at had the perfect view, a perfectly placed hammock, and a perfect wicker swing bench. I am in love with that bench. I read on it, napped on it, and admired the sail boat pattern of the cushion. I want it on my porch.


I have adorable little cousins and an adorable little brother.

Also these brothers...

And this crazy side of the family.

Did I mention the food?

I miss you already, Hawaii.

Oh, and I can't forget this bad quality photo of me and the best mom in the world at Legally Blonde The Musical!
Seriously, she's the best.


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