Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Summer's Coming To An End

Since graduation in June things have been all over the place. My family was in town, I had surgery on my knee, I went to Vegas for a week, moved to Seattle, and have been hunting for a job. It has been pretty stressful but it looks like my hunt is coming to a close this week and I will finally be starting work soon! Everything is not set in stone yet so I will wait until I actually start to share about it. I am really excited though! In the meantime, I do have a few cool marketing things I have stumbled on lately to share.

This past weekend I went down to visit a friend in Battle Ground, which is south just before you hit Oregon. I had a such a good time! On Sunday night we went into Portland to the Doug Fir Lounge to have dinner and watch a show. Outside I spotted this:

(I felt like a geek getting excited about it and because no one else I was with had a QR Scanner on their phone.) Of course I scanned it and it led me to this really cool video:

I have read about and seen videos of a lot of guerilla marketing and different campaigns but this is one of the first times I have stumbled on something like this myself and I thought it was really interesting! Portland is a really cool city and I think this video shows a great view.

Next up, congratulations to The Walking Dead on passing the 10 million mark for Facebook fans! And congratulations to them for this awesome and clever poster
The third season premiers October 14th. Fall means so many shows starting up again and I cannot wait!

But my favorite thing about fall is that FOOTBALL SEASON IS BACK! If you love football as much as I do you will definitely want to check out Twitter's NFL "Get Started" page to help you out with following all of your favorite teams. Also, for football and other sports I use the ESPN Score Center app on my iPhone to get updates on my teams and I absolutely love it.

Hopefully I will have a new post this weekend where I can share some information about a new job I will be starting! But this post I will end with a few photos I have taken lately.


A bunny date!

My beautiful roommate.

The beautiful city we now reside in.

An old camera I got a thrift store awhile back.


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