Monday, June 18, 2012

My life through Instagram

Speaking of social media, I have fallen into the Instagram trap. It is just so much fun! So here's the last month(ish) of my life in Instagram photos:

I write everything in my planner. When I get busy I wil forget to go grocery shopping if I do not write it down.

I love having lunch and coffee dates with girlfriends like Elizabeth and Casey.

Western's College of Business and Economics held a happy hour for all the students, faculty, and alumni a few weeks before the school year ended. A group of us headed downtown together afterwards. As you can tell it was really silly (and a lot of fun!)

All of my family came into town for my graduation! My brother Jacob and this little guy (my youngest brother Ethan) came in a day before any of my parents so I got him to myself for a bit! He insisted on cereal and bananas.

When my dad was visiting he and my step mom rented a house on Toad Lake rather than staying at a hotel. It was beautiful and so much fun! There were fishing poles, kayaks and a little motor boat for us to use. Since all of my family still lives in Hawaii I really cherish the time I get to spend with them.

GRADUATION! Asa, Marlee, Roland, and I all graduated  during the first ceremony of the day so we met up before to hang out for a little bit. I have known them all since freshman year and it was awesome to be able to graduate with them.

After graduation my other brother, Joe, (who is in the fourth picture with Jacob and I) flew in from Vegas. I have not seen him since last summer so it was awesome that he was able to come out. We headed down to Portland for a few days with Jacob, my mom, and my step dad. I love Portland, it is such a cool city. The second picture is from when we had lunch at the food carts which are SO delicious. I got to see my good friend Mackenzie (third picture) who I met my freshman year at Western. She transfered down to WSU my sophomore year so it's always really exciting when I get to see her. We also went to Multnomah Falls which was beautiful and spent some time exploring downtown.

Like I mentioned I had to have surgery last Wednesday (waaaaaa!). While my brother, Jacob, was still here entertained me for a bit by rapping while doing handstands. He is a dork. The rest of my family is gone but my mom is staying until Thursday to help me out with things. (She is the best.)

A few other random photos. 
1) Reading articles and planning blog posts. 
2) My baby, Mabelle, and I.
3) Jacob and I. [Quick explanation- I have three younger brothers. Jacob is my full brother and we are so much alike it is ridiculous, as you might be able to tell from the photo. He is 18 and just graduated high school. He's starting college in the fall either at Southern Oregon University or University of Idaho. (I am SO excited to have him in the PNW!) Joe is my step brother (his dad married my mom), he turns 20 in September and he lives in Las Vegas. Ethan is my half brother (we have the same dad) and he is 5 living in Hawaii with my dad and step mom.] 
4) Feet! A photo I snapped when we were at the Portland Art Museum.
5) Rockin' some Magical swag on my backpack.
6) I got this Michael Jordan jersey when I was in elementary school. I thought it was really awesome because it said Jordan on the back. Somehow it still fits me, I am sure it fit like a dress back then, and it is one of the most comfortable things I own.

This is me today! Getting surgery has really had me down and today was the first day I actually left the house. My mom took me to deposit some checks and get some smoothies and burgers (did I mention she's the greatest?). So I actually got up, did my hair and make up, and put on something besides cheer shorts and a sweatshirt. It really put me in a better mood. Also I was really stoked because I got to wear the new tank top my brother picked up from me at the Innate reopening this Saturday. Innate is a Bellingham screen printing company that does some really awesome prints, they are definitely worth checking out!


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