Saturday, November 26, 2011


For thanksgiving this year I ventured down to Arcata, California to visit my best friend that goes to Humboldt State University. I don't get to see her often, my school is on the quarter system and hers is on the semester system so our breaks don't quite line up and we're barely ever home at the same time. It was really great to get away for about a week and just relax with her and her roommates.

Plus, we made Thanksgiving dinner ourselves! We made a BEAUTIFUL turkey, homemade pasta, homemade pasta sauces, deviled eggs, stuffing, gravy, and creamed spinach. Their other friends were also in town for Thanksgiving so we combined forces and they brought over ham, the most amazing pies I've ever had, and rabbit (which I couldn't bring myself to eat, I know I'd feel too guilty every time I saw Mabelle!).


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