Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday Favorite: THIS article

This week I came across an article on Facebook that a few of my friends shared, Fuck Yes or No. I tend to skim through my Facebook newsfeed without clicking on many things, especially since these types of articles are posted every few minutes, but the title of the article definitely grabbed my attention, and then I saw the description There's a grey area in dating many people get hung up on. Something clicked in my head that was all "Yeah! There is!" so I figured- I'll bite, and clicked. Little did I know this was going to be the best thing I stumbled upon this week.

I read through the article and it's been lingering in my mind ever since. I absolutely recommend reading it. Whether you feel like the dating part applies to you or not The Law of "Fuck Yes or No.", as the article puts it, can apply to multiple things in your life. What it boils down to is, unless you feel completely excited about something or someone, you probably shouldn't be doing it. I know we all have to face things in life we don't like and sometimes you definitely just have to deal but when you have the choice, why do something you aren't excited about?

Two things that really stood out to me that the writer says are "End the wishing and hoping" and "Start practicing self-respect". Not only should you be going for things you are excited about, but you should be putting yourself around people and situations that are excited about you! Don't let yourself be pulled around or used by people that aren't all in, whether it's a romantic relationship or friendship. 
Respect yourself, respect the people around you, and surround yourself with people that respect you.

Happy Friday, friends! Xo


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