Monday, September 15, 2014

Terrific Lady Day

If you have never seen The League - I politely demand that you get on Netflix right now and start watching. It's a hilarious and amazing show.
One of my roommates, Paige, and I are a little obsessed with it. On The League Ruxin celebrates "Terrific Lady Day" every few months where he spends the day pampering his wife and doing whatever she wants. Paige and I decided awhile ago that we can treat ourselves to Terrific Lady Day. We had to make sure to squeeze one more in before I left for my road trip and we wouldn't be able to hang out for awhile.

We caught the bus downtown and got mac and cheese from our favorite spot (Beecher's), went shopping, walked through Pike's Place, did happy hour at another one of our favorite places, The Pike's Place Bar & Grill, and had some gelato. It was a surprisingly sunny day which starts to become pretty rare once September hits in Seattle.
A terrific day it was! Xox


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