Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Handful of Reviews

My mom was in town last weekend so we got to try a few different places, which was lucky for me since I need to play a bit of catch up on my reviews!

Caffe Fiore

The cool thing about this cafe is that they serve organic coffee. I read about it awhile ago and decided to wait until my mom was here because she tries to eat more on the organic/natural side, and she is coffee addict (like mother, like daughter). There are a few locations but we went to the one on Sunset Hill. The whole set up and decore of the coffee shop was really pretty. They had beautiful lighting and windows. The shop was not that big, but there was a few places to sit inside and a couple outside. The coffee was pretty good, and the service was okay. The baristas were a bit stand off-ish and talked and laughed amongst themselves, but did not come off as very nice to the customers. Overall, it was a decent spot but probably not somewhere I will be going out of my way to visit again.

Cafe on the Ave.

On Sunday we spent time in the U-District and we went to Cafe On The Ave for breakfast. This is definitely somewhere I plan on going back to! I had about the most delicious caramel macciato I have ever had and the bagel sandwiches were just as good. It is a really big area where you order at the counter and take your seat. It is right in the U-District so there were a lot of students there studying, plus I think it's finals week. If I had gone to UW I can guarantee I would have done a majority of my studying here! Also, isn't my mom pretty?

Cafe Chocolati

Holy chocolate, Batman. This place was amazing. This shop also has a few locations and we went to the one at Green Lake. I got a mocha which was insanely chocolatey but so, so wonderful. And I bought way too many pieces of chocolate. The people were so friendly there and they had a lot of interesting types of chocolate. They shop was really small and there was not much seating but luckily it is right across the street from Green Lake, which is a beautiful spot to spend time at anyway.


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