Thursday, May 16, 2013

Get me a vodka rocks. And a piece of toast.

From a show as brilliant as Arrested Development would you settle for anything less than brilliant advertising? Well do not worry, you do not have to.
If you are a fan, or if you pay just about any attention to entertainment news, you have heard that Arrested Development is airing a new season May 26th exclusively on Netflix. First of all, well done on the part of Netflix. You can read the original press release about the show published back in November 2011 here (yeah, that's how long we have been kept on our toes). As I have heard multiple people mention in articles and interviews, Arrested Development is a show that increased popularity after it was cancelled. I do not know of many people that watched it as it aired, but to date there are millions of people that have seen and love the show. A large part of that has to do with the fact that it is on Netflix instant watch, so it is a great strategy on their part to pick up the 4th season.
There has been a huge lead up to the new season that has been impressive from the very beginning.
First off, a series of posters have come out with two different themes, from what I can tell.
One set showed characters with a simple line relating to the show coming back to Netflix. My personal favorite,

The other set were fairly ambiguous photos and quotes that would only be understood by real fans. These were absolutely genius and hilarious to me. I could not pick just one so here are a couple of my favorites,

To me, the real gem in all of the excitement surrounding the upcoming season was the Banana Stand in New York. Bringing a show to life like this excites all fans, plus grabs the attention of people who may not have even heard of the show. I can not imagine passing by a crowd near a banana stand on not being curious as to what was going on. You can check out some more coverage of the banana stand on this Huffington Post article.

And finally, something that I do not think many people have stumbled upon yet but my boyfriend happened to and pointed it out to me- If you look up "Dance Of The Chicken" on Netflix, you can't actually play the movie but there is an egg that moves around and when you click that it takes you to a scene of the Bluth family doing the "chicken dance" (if you can call it that). Clever girl, Netflix. I found a clip someone posted on youtube showing it:

All in all, this show is amazing and Jason Bateman is about the cutest thing ever so not that we needed another reason to be pumped for the new season, but this amazing advertising has definitely kept fans on their toes. May 26th, get here quick!


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